Slim Zero plus

74,90 € each


In many years of scientific research, we and our team of doctors, scientists and athletes, have worked together to develop a product that is a perfect fit for the needs of today’s society.

What is SLIM Zero plus?

  • 1800 mg white kidney bean extract per portion (2 x 3 capsules)
  • Fenugreek extract 900 mg (2 x 3 capsules)
  • Improvements to your vitality through Vitamin C and Zinc
  • Per portion 80 mg Vitamin C and 12 mg Zinc
  • Content - 180 capsules – ideal for 1 month

What are the distinguishing features of Slim Zero by GlobalSkin®?

Phaseolin extract is an isolated protein won from the great northern bean, the Phaseolus vulgaris. By virtue of its general appearance it is also known as the white  kidney bean. Throughout their growth phase these beans produce a specific protein, which binds to carbohydrate molecules. These compounds are glycoproteins, which develop a carbohydrate blocking quality inside the human body: due to their slime formation properties, the enzymes of the carbohydrate metabolism, the so-called alpha-amylases are gridlocked. These alpha-amylases are located in the small intestine and split carbohydrates, such as rice, potatoes and grains into their individual components, mainly glucose (dextrose).

The dietary food supplement Slim Zero plus as manufactured by GlobalSkin® comprises 1800 mg of carbohydrate-blocking bean extract per portion. The ‘Plus’ stands for the two micro-nutrients Vitamin C und Zinc, as well as fenugreek-extracts, which give vitality before and during any dietary endeavor. Consumption of a low-caloric diet often leads to a lower supply of these two vital substances and, thus, impacts drive and immune functions. However, the high percentage of fenugreek extract counteracts this development as it boosts the oxygen absorption in the blood stream.

This extract is also commonly used to treat cracked hands and lips, as well as disorders of the digestive track and rheumatic ailments. This makes Slim Zero plus by GlobalSkin a highly valuable contribution to your health!