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IPL Hair Removal with our high end System – top class luxury treatment. Effective results in next to no time.

IPL Gerät | Haarentfernung | GerätIPL Gerät | Haarentfernung | Behandlung

Our IPL Light Pro is fashioned according to the latest scientific findings in IPL technology and, thus, can be used for treatments in a highly targeted way. The integrated cooling system ensures no skin reddening or injuries take place. IPL Light Pro is suitable for all skin types. Hair of black, brown, red and blond color can be removed effortlessly and safely.

Permanent hair removal | Skin rejuvenation | Couperose| Acne


Thanks to the special cooling system it is not necessary to use a contact gel | Painless | Large treatment area (3,3cm x 4,7cm) – enabling you to work faster

For the removal of light/fair hair types easily attach the orange filter (580nm), for the treatment of darker hair types attach the red filter (620nm).

The system is entirely computer-based and all processes are driven automatically. The IPL LIGHT PRO features a 10 inch HD Touchscreen Display. All you have to do is enter parameters, such as skin color, hair color and hair width via the display and it will compute all the necessary parameters. This procedure always yields maximum results while ensuring maximum safety.

IPL Gerät | Haarentfernung| BehandlungIPL Gerät | Haarentfernung| Behandlung

The hand unit features four different attachments, which can be chosen according to the area treated. This enables treatment of sensitive zones, such as face, bikini, and underarm areas.

This system offers a specialist LIFTING PROGRAM! Enabling you to administer specialist anti-acne treatments, as well as, anti-wrinkle therapy successfully. This is possible since our system features state-of-the-art IPL technologies.  Enjoy the immense opportunities and the flexibility in therapy and treatment options brought to you by this device. It has never been this easy to use IPL technology effectively - GlobalSkin makes it possible for you.