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The development and production of ultrasound systems for fat reduction purposes has been our passion for more than ten years. Now we succeeded in combining all effective treatment methods for fat reduction, skin tightening, and anti-cellulite action in just one comprehensive system.

What the Slim 4 offers for you:

  • Ultrasound Cavitation starting at 20 KhZ to74 KhZ (Fat reduction, Skin tightening, introduction of active ingredients)
  • Electro-lipolysis (minimal electric current, boosts cell activity and, thus, effectively contributes to fat reduction and improvement of skin appearance)
  • Infrared (Reduction of cell deposits and slagging, strengthening of the immune-system, removal of toxins and metabolic waste, anti-inflammatory properties, activation of the metabolism)
  • EMS (Muscle-stimulation for Skin-tightening, Anti-Cellulite, Muscle - definition or build-up, activation of the metabolism)

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Our newest development, the Slim4, as according to Stiftung Beauty, Foundation Beauty:
„The Slim4 stands for a revolution in the beauty sector. The results are stunning; the treatment process is easier than ever before. This system is unrivaled – worldwide“

With the SLIM4, you receive the opportunity to perform a variety of targeted body treatments.

Built to the high standards you are accustomed to from our other devices, this system is also entirely computer-driven, built and developed according to state-of-the art standards and very versatile. The preset high-tech-programs enable fast handing throughout treatments, short learning processes and a variety of treatment applications.

At the same time, the penetrative depth effect and the optimized oxygen absorption critically improve blood circulation and body skin texture.

With the Slim4 you can choose between a manual mode and the SLIM SELF mode, meaning the treatment can be carried out manually via a hand unit or fully automated via a plate system. No staff required – the computer-driven system works independently on the chosen body zones (max. duration 30 minutes)

No staff needed/no manpower requirements – extremely high value and effectiveness through the combination of all available tools that combat problem areas.

In addition, separate EMS-pads can be used to carry out targeted muscle training sessions.
All therapeutic options can be combined individually, following the so-called modular design principle or building block principle. It has never been this easy to carry out treatments this effectively and time-effective. The Slim4 treatment is gentle, safe and efficient!

This treatment is absolutely pain free!

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