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Three methods combined in one system. SLIM3 is our high end system for targeted body treatments.
Ultraschall Kavitationsgerät | Slim3 | Gerät
Through the treatment methods

  • Ultrasound Cavitation
  • Radiofrequency
  • Endo-dermic Massage

you receive the opportunity to perform a variety of targeted body treatments.

The system is entirely computer-driven, built and developed according to state-of-the art standards and very versatile. The preset high-tech-programs enable fast handing throughout treatments, short learning processes and a variety of treatment applications.

This system is suitable for the treatment
of the following body parts:
Fat pads in the Abdominal Region, Legs, Buttocks| Cellulite Treatments | Connective Tissue | Saddlebags | Scar- and Wrinkle Tissue | Double Chin Reduction | Lymph Activation

Our 10“ inch HD touchscreen-display shows in an easy manner which hand unit and device setting targets which problem area.

Individual treatment programs can be customized for each and every client, you can easily safe them on memory cards. This offers a whole new therapeutic spectrum - also suitable for beginners/newbies!

This treatment is absolutely pain free!

Ultraschall Kavitationsgerät | Slim3 | AufsatzUltraschall Kavitationsgerät | Slim3 | Aufsatz 1-4

You have the choice between three systems:

Ultrasound + Radiofrequency + Endo-massage = 30.900,- Euro
Ultrasound + Radiofrequency = 26.900,- Euro
SLIM Basic
Ultrasound = 19.900,- Euro
Ultraschall Kavitationsgerät | Slim3 | Handstück + DisplayUltraschall Kavitationsgerät | Slim3 | Behandlung Po